Key Chain DVR

Always have a video camera on hand with a Keychain Video Recorder. These keychain video cameras records audio, video, and take photos to a removable micro SD cards or via USB cable depending upon the unit, so you can review the footage easily via your PC. Completely covert, no one will suspect that what appears to be a standard vehicle's keyless entry remote is actually recording video and taking snapshots.

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KCS820 HD Key Chain DVR with Key

KCS820 HD Key Chain DVR with Key

Our line of Key Chain DVRs are indispensible gadgets when you need instant and easy covert color video anywhere you go. A high resolution camera and DVR are built right into the key chain.    Covert.   This model looks like your average car keychain.  The plain black design is inconspicuous when casually hung on a lanyard or among other keys.   High resolution video and images.   This...

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